HTHP Well cementing

OBC-HIWI HT is the high temperature system of OBC-HIWI system. It is composed of selected iron ore powder and manganese ore powder as weighting agent, selected silicon powder as strength stabilizer, fluid loss additive, high temperature retarder, stabilizer and anti-channeling agent as auxiliary additives. OBC-HIWI HT can be used in high temperature and high pressure well, deep well and ultra deep well cementing.

System Advantages
1、Three sizes particles gradation technology.
2、Compactness and low permeability of cement paste.
3、Good settlement stability of cement slurry.
4、Has certain ability of fluid loss controlling and anti-channeling.

Basic Performance
1、Density range: 2.0~2.6g/cm3.
2、Applicable temperature: 110℃~230℃.
3、Low water loss of cement slurry.
4、Zero free water.
5、The performance of cement slurry is excellent, and the thickening time can be adjusted.
6、Good flowing performance.



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