Deepwater cementing

OBC-DeepCem cement slurry system is composed of weight lightening agent, early strength enhancer, lost circulation agent and gas-stopping agent. It is applied to deepwater cementing under low temperature. The unique early strength of this system makes it sure that good strength development reached under relative low temperature and slurry performance keeps stable. It has good gas-stopping and lost circulation control ability.

System Composition

1、Oil Well Cement:Glass G.
2、Mixing Water:fresh water.
3、Weight lightening:OBC-P62S.
System Advantages
1、Good cement stone strength under low temperature.
2、Strong ability of lost circulation and gas-stopping.
3、Good sedimentary stability.

System Features
1、Density : 0.9~1.5 g/cm3.
2、Temperature: 3~30℃.
3、Good loss control property.
4、Thickening time of cement slurry can be adjusted and rheological

Deepwater cementingx

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